6 Most Breathtaking Thrillers That Must Have More Fans

Our lives are filled with routine. But sometimes we need to escape from this world and forget about daily problems. In this case, you can read a thrilling fiction book, play at the real money online casino Canada, or watch a movie. Thrillers are the best in this case. Have you watched all the recent releases? Then these films are what you should choose now.

Remember, 2015

90-year-old Zev is a Holocaust survivor. When he learns that the former Nazi and murderer of his family has escaped punishment and is living peacefully somewhere in America, the old man goes there to seek revenge.

The movie won the Vittorio Veneto Award at the Venice Film Festival and is an excellent example of a dramatic thriller that is memorable and thought-provoking.

Naega Salinbeomida, 2012

A Korean suspense thriller can easily grab your attention and not let it go until the very end. It’s an intriguing movie with action elements with good editing, interesting camerawork and a very interesting plot.

Over 15 years have passed since a cold-blooded maniac committed a series of murders and slaughtered ten women. The best detectives have failed to catch him, but police officer Choi Hyun-gu was the closest to that goal. According to the law, the passage of a decade and a half makes it possible to avoid prosecution for crimes committed, even if they were incredibly violent. With this in mind, a certain Lee Doo-seok suddenly appears in the media field, confessing to the murders and publishing a book about them. The man immediately becomes a real star. But officer Choi Hyun-gu has no intention of putting up with it.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, 2016

A strange movie in a good way, with deep-seated irony that doesn’t stop it from being a decent thriller, which in turn doesn’t stop it from also being a black comedy, though not too explicit.

Lonely loser Ruth’s house is broken into by burglars and her belongings, including her laptop computer, are stolen. The police are in no hurry to solve the crime. Then the girl decides to finally put an end to her worthlessness, takes her eccentric neighbor, who is also not a confident man, as a partner, and begins to unravel the case together with him.

Ballon, 2018

A German film that almost takes your breath away while watching it. The thriller fulfills its main mission – to keep the viewer in suspense. The role of the antagonist is played by the magnificent Thomas Kretschmann.

The end of the 1970s. The Strelzik family from the GDR dreams of escaping to the West. To do so, they devise a crazy escape plan in a homemade hot air balloon that should help them cross the border. Soon the Ministry of State Security gets on their trail. Time is rapidly running out, the Stasi is getting closer and closer, so the Strelzik family needs to put their plan into action as soon as possible.

Victoria, 2015

A unique film shot in one take, which means that the cameraman in it becomes a full participant in the events. The film has won three awards at the Berlin Film Festival.

Victoria, a young Spaniard who has recently settled in Germany and works in a cafe, meets a group of cheerful and daring guys outside a nightclub. They offer the girl to go for a walk. But who would have thought that soon this night trip will turn into a dangerous adventure?

Mientras Duermes, 2011

An unpleasant and memorable movie where the protagonist is the main villain. This thriller is interesting primarily because of the psychology of the central maniac character and the truly addictive atmosphere.

Cesar works as a concierge in an apartment building. He is unhappy and sees no meaning in life because of which he constantly does little mischief to the tenants. But no matter what the man comes up with, he is unable to wipe the smile off the face of one of the girls living in the building. Soon, Cesar’s methods of achieving this terrible goal become harsher and harsher.