6 Celebrities With Bikini Wedgies

Bikini wedgies – the only thing about summer that is truly horrible (not counting bug bites and overly hot weather that is). A slightly too small swimsuit or even just a wet one has a tendency to look unflattering and soggy after some fun in the water, and for the truly unlucky, a bikini wedgie is likely on the cards. Transforming from a once modest style in to a makeshift thong in the blink of an eye, these 6 stars all had to reach in to their butt cracks to fish out their bikini to quickly fix their beach wardrobe malfunction. Some appear embarrassed or flustered after revealing a slice of their butt to the world, while others probably didn’t even notice their bikini wedgie or didn’t realize they were caught on camera!

Jessica Alba


Demi Lovato

demi lovato

Gisele Bundchen
gisele bundchen

LeAnn Rimes
leann rimes

Miley Cyrus
miley cyrus