6 Celebrities Who’ve Worn Way Too Much Orange Fake Tan

They may have thought they were on the fast-track to have a holiday sun-kissed complexion, but instead, they ended up looking seriously orange! Piling on much too much tan which turned them from a pretty glow to scary bright orange instead, these 6 stars have all had major tan mishaps. Contrasting starkly with their hair and makeup to make them look over done and borderline scary, these stars probably (hopefully) wished that they’d just let their natural skin tone on show, or at least just applied one instead of several layers before heading out the door or walking the red carpet. Luckily it was just a once off for some, while others are repeat offenders and clearly think they’re orangey glow is really a gorgeous bronzed look!

Brooke Hogan

brooke hogan

Christina Aguilera
christina aguilera

Jessica Simpson
jessica simpson

Kelly Osbourne
kelly osbourne

Lindsay Lohan

Wynnona Judd
Wynnona Judd