6 Celebrities Who’ve Snapped ‘Look at My Hot Body’ Instagram Selfies

Is there an actual purpose to selfies other than showing off just how hot you look? Most of the time, nope. It’s pure vanity and a reason to flaunt your gorgeous abs/toned figure/great butt or whatever else you think looks like it belongs on a runway or in a Calvin Klein campaign. These 6 celebrities, filled with the hots for themselves, have all shown off their figure. Nick Jonas is one of the most recent stars to show off his gym results, admitting that he usually isn’t a selfie kinda guy, but that he wanted to show off his good work (sadly most people basically laughed at him because of his overuse of filters and weird snap). Amanda Bynes has also posed in her underwear before being hauled off to the nut house, while Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner are regular body-flaunting selfie creators.

Amanda Bynes

amanda bynes

Candice Swanepoel
candice swanepoel

Justin Bieber
justin bieber

Kylie Jenner
kylie jenner

Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas
nick jonas