6 Celebrities Who’ve Been Photoshopped to Look Absolutely Insane

Ever wondered what Sarah Jessica Parker would look like as a foot, or if Tom Hanks would make a hot woman? Well, you crazy cat, your unusual questions are about to have answers thanks to the wonders of Photoshop. When it’s not being used to airbrush celebrity wrinkles in to oblivion or create the world a set of impossible body standards, the computer program can also mash up body parts, add and detract teeth and much, much more – which has left these celebrities looking nothing short of absolutely insane. Some will haunt you, some will scare you, and if you accidentally find one of these attractive, there is probably something wrong with you. Here they are, 6 celebrities who have been Photoshopped to create strange and wonderful new versions of their usual selves.

Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie


Jennifer Aniston
jennifer aniston

Jennifer Lawrence
jennifer lawrence

Sarah Jessica Parker
sarah jessica parker

Tom Hanks
tom hank