6 Celebrities Wearing Braces!

Braces: they’re a necessary evil for anyone who has crooked teeth, and although it is typically something you sort out young at the advise of your dentist, some people are a little older when they decided to become a metal-mouth. Luckily there are plenty of subtle options available and braces often go unnoticed, so the time can go pretty painlessly. Tom Cruise is one star who had braces, opting to fix his teeth despite being a little older than the usual braces-wearing age. Dakota Fanning and Emma Watson both had braces when they were stepping in to the spotlight, now they’ve completed their time and have beautiful straight teeth!



Dakota Fanning

"Charlotte's Web" Japan Premiere

Emma Watson
emma watson


Faith Hill
faith hill

Lourdes Leon
New York Premiere of "NINE" - Arrivals

Tom Cruise
Actor Tom Cruise Visits Air and Space Museum