50 Cent Thinks Recent Cop Killings Are a Grey Area

50 Cent has opened up on his thoughts about the recent major news stories regarding police killing innocent men. He admits that although he’s stayed quiet on the topic that is currently causing mass uproar, he believes there may be more to these stories than people understand. He said that he thinks people don’t have “all the information” to truly know about the situations they’re judging:

“I think it’s interesting the timing of everything that’s happening. I’ve stayed pretty quiet about how I felt about it personally, because I don’t have all the information in those situations. I’ve had people make decisions about me without knowing how I felt about things. It’s not really fair to say it if you don’t know.”

He added that a lot of what has happened has had to do with the environment and that often, there are people who do pose a real threat or “have criminal intentions”. He said that this has clearly raised the defenses of the police force and they’re now acting too aggressively to counter this behaviour:

“I grew up in an environment where a lot of people, I know for a fact, have criminal intentions, so it would raise a defense on one end and raises the aggression level on the other at the same time, so you see there’s a balance. There’s right and wrong, a lot of times you look at things and you kind of see things in a gray area.”