50 Cent Praises Jay Z For Reacting Calmly in Solange Elevator Fight

Solange basically kicked butt in the leaked video, launching in to a huge meltdown while Jay Z just stood there and looked pretty chill, avoiding the various kicks and verbal abuse. 50 Cent has praised the rapper for not reacting more harshly, saying that although Jay may now be made fun of, it was still the right way to play the situation. He commented:

‘He did the right thing. They’ll make fun of it because it’s an opportunity to make fun. At the end of the day, the nightmare would’ve been him responding in any other way.”

Beyonce once approached 50 Cent at a New Year’s Eve party because she though he had been rude to her husband and 50 Cent believes she misunderstood the situation and doesn’t understand their dynamic:

”I don’t think she understands that our energy is…it’s not negative. Wasn’t nobody gonna do nothin’ to Jay [on Beyoncé’s watch].”

50 Cent says that after his own experience, he thinks Beyonce may have been siding with her sister during the elevator fight because she is usually more protective of her husband from what he has witnessed in the past:

”Like, [Beyoncé] got down off of the thing and jumped down and came over – and it didn’t really match up with what was happening in the elevator. I think that was on her behalf that time. Because I saw that [in Vegas], I know that it’d be almost impossible for someone to do something to him and her not respond to it.”