5 Stars Who’ve Quit Their Partying Lifestyles

Realizing that they can’t keep partying hard for the rest of their lives, these 5 stars have all opted to slow down and take a step back from partying constantly. Some overdid it and quickly came to the realization that their lives weren’t healthy. Others became parents or decided they had to quit drinking so heavily in order to push their career forward and be fully functioning all of the time.


Ewan McGregor

25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival - Arrivals

Ewan realized he wasn’t leading a healthy lifestyle: “I wasn’t someone who could smoke or drink in moderation, and I recognised that those things would kill me. I started visualising the doctor telling me I had cancer from smoking or that I was extremely ill because of how much I’d been drinking.”

Ashley Greene
"CBGB" New York City Premiere Presented by the 2nd Annual CBGB Music and Film Festival - Arrivals

Ashley stopped partying when she realized she needed to take her career more seriously: ”In my second year in Los Angeles, when I was 18, I wasn’t getting any bookings. So I stopped going out, stopped partying. It was a matter of getting to the work. I had to focus.”

Jason Bateman
"Bad Words" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Jason had to cut back on alcohol and cigarettes for his career: “It’s the only way to go when you get to my age. Unless I’m planning to play Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones in biopics for the rest of my years, staying fit and healthy is a crucial part of my job. It tends to widen your chances when it comes to roles, as the homeless look can only get you so far.”

Vanessa White
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2013 VIP Opening

Vanessa says her bandmates helped her to stop partying so hard: ”I’d been partying way too much, not taking care of myself and I felt rubbish. We’re all very honest with one another and we will sit each other down and say, ‘This is getting out of control’. If I hadn’t had them, it would have been so easy to have gone off the rails and kept up the partying until it became a problem. You need people around you to say, ‘Right, this is too much now,’ and fortunately, I have that.”

MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show 2014 - Day 1 - "Snooki Love by Nicole Polizzi" Clothing Line Launch

Snooki says her partner was angry at her when she partied too hard and becoming a mother also forced her to slow down: ”He was p***ed. He wanted to break up with me. I was a party girl, I went crazy, I went back to that. It was just a different transition. I was a party girl, that’s what I did, I loved going out and going crazy and then the first time I went out after I had Lorenzo, I kind of went back to that and then after I’m like, ‘Oh, no. I can’t do this anymore.’ ”

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