5 Stars Who Have Supportive Parents

Taking a risk by launching their careers early and potentially putting their future on the line, these 5 stars all say they have parents that really supported them through the difficult times even as they thought the odds were stacked against them. Their parents might not always agree with their actions or their choices but no matter what, these 5 stars say they can depend on their parents being there when they need them. Giving their kids the support and protection they need as they make it in to the spotlight at a relatively young age, these stars feel grounded and thankful for the unconditional love and encouragement they receive.

Chris Hemsworth


Chris and his famous brothers have a tight family unit which includes parents that always encourage them: ”I’ve said to my brothers – well, Liam anyway – ‘Man we’ve got to stop talking about getting into fights as kids because we sound like we’re from some feral, rough family, and it’s bulls**t.’ We grew up in the bush sometimes, but we had a great childhood and great parents. It was what led us to being actors; they were always incredibly supportive. There was nothing else I wanted to do.’

Juno Temple

Juno reveals that her parents stood behind her when she first moved to Los Angeles to become an actress: ”They were very supportive of me going to LA because they have known it. I am enjoying it. It’s really great for work. You have a lot of auditions. It really benefits you being in the room there.”

Katy Perry

Katy says that her parents might not always agree with her music but they’ll always be there for her: “I’m sure they opt out of singing I Kiss a Girl or Ur So Gay, but they’re singing along to every other song. They’re just glad I’m not strung out, doing centrefold and s**t like that.”

Rumer Willis

Rumer comments that her famous parents don’t get involved in her career but will always stand by her: “In terms of my parents, they let me make my own way. They’ve just been entirely supportive and extremely great in that way so I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Taylor Lautner

Taylor likes to live with his supportive parents who keep him grounded: “I’m definitely thankful to have a supportive family, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. I live at home with them and I’m expected to help out. I help out with the lawn, garbage, dishes”.