5 Stars Who Feel Younger Than Their Age

Feeling youthful and believing that age is just a number (and one to be ignored!), these 5 celebrities all admit they often feel younger than they age they really are. Some think there is a secret to staying young – by having an open minded mentality and perhaps staying in touch with younger people so they don’t just “become” an old person who is out of touch with new things. Others try to stay physically fit which they think helps them live a youthful lifestyle. Not slowing down or feeling like they are any older, these celebrities feel and act younger than they are, and love life that way!

Clint Eastwood

Clint was told some funny advice about how to stay feeling young: “When I was campaigning to be mayor of Carmel in the mid-1980s, I met a woman who was about 102 years old. She’d heard that I was then going out with someone 10 or 15 years younger than me and she said, ‘Clint, you’ve got to look for someone (even) younger, someone who will love you and look after you.’ She made me see that age is all in the mind and if you feel young and you have a young outlook you should behave in the same way.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold doesn’t feel his age but does notice changes gradually: ”I don’t feel 65. I feel young and energetic, but you do notice your age when you’re doing physical things. You need a little more time to recuperate and recover.”

David Beckham

When asked if he feels his age, David admits that he often doesn’t: “I actually didn’t know how to answer that question to be honest, but there are some mornings I feel twenty years old, and some mornings I feel my age.”

Ronnie Wood


Ronnie believes he’s a permanent teen and often feels younger all of the time: “What can I say? I’m a permanent teenager. The older I get, the younger I get. Me and Ekaterina, it’s been this great adventure and I’m having fun. It’s a new life for me, I’m in a different place to where I was 30 years ago, and Jo and me, we just moved on. She’s gone her way, I’ve gone mine.”

Colin Farrell

Colin knows he isn’t that young but he feels youthful and child-like still: ”I’m not 22 anymore but I’m not ancient. I’m a kid in many ways. Everything is relative.”