5 Stars Who Are Saving Their Clothes for Their Daughters

Hoping they can one day pass on their amazing designer-filled wardrobe to their own daughters, these 5 stars are all saving up their favourite pieces to hand down to their offspring in the future. Some intentionally buy timeless classics because they know that their daughter will one day also get use out of their purchases. Others have whole storage units created to stash away their old designer goodies and they can’t wait to share it all with their daughters when they think it’s time to pass it all on.

Gwyneth Paltrow

"Thanks for Sharing" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Gwyneth saves her designer dresses for her daughter to have in the future: “I save everything for (Apple). What if she grows up and she really likes dresses and then she sees an old picture of me and she says, ‘Why didn’t you save this for me?'”

Kim Kardashian
The Hollywood Reporter's Women In Entertainment Breakfast Honoring Oprah Winfrey

Kim has put all of her old clothes in to storage for daughter North: ”I’m saving them all to give to North. I’m building a whole attic. At the moment I have a storage unit of all my old stuff and even if it’s not really her style – or my style anymore – it’s so fun to see all the flashy things I’ve worn. She can use them as Halloween costumes or whatever she wants with them.”

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jenna considers what she is buying to also be for her daughter Everly: ”Now that I have Everly, I think about what I can hand down to her. I want to give her my vintage Chanel purse from my mom, you know? I have a different perspective on my purchases lately. Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself to buy expensive things!”

Yasmin le Bon
Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2013 - Preview Party

Yasmin says her daughters will inherit all of her clothing collection: “Like, the girls love the history. They only try to pinch the stuff I’ve had for years. Everything is going to be theirs eventually, anyway. Clothes are to be used: why would you not wear them again and again? That’s why I’m such a hoarder. I made a very silly mistake once. In a moment of madness – I’d probably just had a baby – I sold an Azzedine Alaia dress. I went back the next day to get it back and it had gone. That’s my great fashion loss and it taught me a lesson.”

Lily Allen
BRIT Awards 2014 - Arrivals

Lily loves timeless pieces she can hand down: “When I’m buying expensive things I tend to think, ‘Yep, that’s something timeless that I can give to my daughter.’ ”

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