5 Stars Who Are Inspired by Street Style

Wowed by the style they’ve seen on the streets, these 5 stars have gushed that they often take their fashion inspiration from what they’ve observed. Strolling around in the top fashion cities of the world, these stars love to see what everyone else is wearing and pick up unique ideas to incorporate in to their own ensembles. Finding that fashion trends can begin anywhere, these stars look to what others are wearing to get their big ideas.Rihanna is always impressed with what younger people are wearing on the street: ”I always go out on the street walking around, just to see what the kids are doing. They always set the trends for designers. The kids in London have so much street style and so much talent.”
Michael Kors

Michael loves the unique street style in London especially: ”London is one of my favourite cities. The quirky and interesting mix of styles and attitudes that you see on a single street are a continuous source of inspiration – and the women are always taking fashion risks. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the shopping scene is parallel to none.”
Anna Wintour


Anna likes to see what other editors wear to fashion shows but is also interested in street style: “I like seeing what the editors wear at the shows. They dress with such wit, imagination and originality – sometimes we’re not quite as good at that in New York. I’m also interested in seeing just the girl on the street because she is unlike any other. I’m inspired by whatever it is she might be wearing.”
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker keeps her eyes open on the streets: ”It’s been so cold in New York that bare legs seemed almost undoable… So I started wearing tights, then I saw a woman in Seattle wearing stirrups with a pump and thought, ‘Maybe I’ll start wearing them with a strap shoe.’ I am often inspired by women on the street whose names I’ll never know.”
Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth takes her style inspiration from fellow celebs and the streets of London: ”I love Rashida Jones’ hot nerd vibe and Beyoncé’s playfulness in trying different trends. I love Cameron Diaz’s ability to rock silver nails and layer tons of tiny gold jewellery. I am also very inspired by street style in London where I have lived pretty much for 10 years.”