5 Stars Speak on Battling Depression

Candidly opening up on their personal struggle with depression, these 5 stars have all revealed what they went through, how they cope and what inspired them to keep going. Some tried anti-depressants, cut out bad friendships and did their best to get back to work, while others realized that they need to adjust their way of thinking in order to combat their negative thoughts. Thankfully managing to turn things around, these stars may still often find themselves feeling low but know how to work through it and they’ve shared their thoughts on battling depression despite feeling at a low point in their lives.



Cher has been depressed but believes working brings her out of it: “When you have depression, sometimes you feel like you’re completely alone. But work helps me. I enjoy the work. It keeps you moving. It keeps you around people.”

Emma Thompson
emma thompson

Emma says she regularly battles depression and remembers one particularly bad time: “I’m prone to depression and to all sorts of mental illnesses. I did a musical in the West End – I became clinically depressed even though I was being paid to be cheerful. I had no life at all. I lived like a nun. I didn’t drink. I didn’t have sex. I was 24, for crying out loud. No wonder I was depressed.”

Kellie Pickler

Kellie has tried out anti-depressants: “I’ve struggled with depression my whole life and I’ve always been an insecure person… Last year was really rough on me… Everything in my career was great but my personal life was crumbling. I was on anti-depressant pills all last year… I just really had to sit back and re-evaluate the people that I’m around and make a list of everything that really is bothering you and hurting you and do what you can to find closure in that part of your life. It’s well known that there’s always been a struggle between my mother and me and my father and me; I don’t have the relationship with them that I would like to have and for so long I kinda blamed myself for it. Now, I’ve got great people around me and you’re only as good as the company you keep.”

Mandy Moore

Mandy went through a hard time in the past around the time things ended with then-boyfriend Zach Braff: “I’m a very positive person, and I’ve always been glass-half-full. So it was like someone flipped a switch in me. The break up added to what I was going through, but it’s not the complete reason. It definitely doesn’t help if you’re already in that place.”

Mel Gibson

Mel candidly admits that he has suffered in the past: “Depression is like that. It’s somewhere one can be caught. You can get stuck there. Initially, it does stem from a certain amount of egotism… What does it do to everyone around in the family? It is an illness. It is a disease. And, I think there is a better understanding of it. A guy said to me one time, something really profound, and it’s so simple. It’s that depression lies. It’s a liar and you have to shut it down. There is nothing that alleviates it more than going out and doing something for someone else. It’s most like instant healing. Get away from yourself. People can’t even get out of bed and it gets really severe. I’ve never been at that stage. Everyone goes through low and high and low and high and some people are blessed to be created on an even keel all the way through – but not me.”