5 Reasons England Should Forgive Suarez After Uruguay World Cup Win

Liverpool striker Luis Suárez all but ended England’s World Cup dreams in Brazil last night as he claimed both goals in a 2-1 victory for Uruguay.

Even Wayne Rooney’s goal, his first ever in a World Cup, wasn’t enough to save Roy Hodgson’s team from a pretty quick exit from this year’s tournament.

1. The hug

After the game, captain Steven Gerrard got a hug from his fellow Liverpool star who apparently told him to “keep going”, (awh). So has England forgiven the Uruguayan?

2. He’s a modern miracle

Seeing as though Suárez was only 60% fit for the match, following knee surgery just a month ago it’s a miracle that he could last the entire 90 minutes, let alone score two goals as well.

3. England just weren’t good enough

So really, England fans have got to ask, how did they manage to get walked over by a guy who four weeks ago was in a wheelchair?

4. Suarez was actually humble over the win

After the match Suarez fought back tears as he spoke of his pride, to play for his country. 25,000 fans were in the stadium last night having travelled to neighbouring Brazil and the star admitted it was a “dream” to get so much support, when he’s usually facing boos.


Someone who is playing for the pride of his country, we can understand that right?

5. This guy: Walter Ferreira

Finally, if you hate Luis Suárez, you have to respect this guy, Walter Ferreira. He’s the physio who has been working to get the player back up to speed following his knee surgery, even delaying cancer treatment to help Luis.

He’s now a national hero in Uruguay, understandabl,y and said, according to the Independent on the response to his sacrifice: “I have no words, life has some ups and downs but you have to keep fighting. I’m very grateful. I’m going to keep fighting.”

So are we still hating Suarez?