5 Photos of Kim Kardashian’s Rare Post-Baby Appearances

Ever since giving birth to baby North West back in June, Kim Kardashian has strangely done a disappearing act, most likely at the request of baby daddy Kanye West, who doesn’t seem too fond of having his new daughter in the spotlight and keeps his lady love on a tight leash as a result. Kim has made only a handful of public appearances since becoming a mom. She seemed to shy away from the cameras until she had the bulk of her baby weight was lost (promoting a fairly upsetting ideal of beauty to women everywhere in the process) and now, she’s slowly making a slight comeback as of late. Gone are the days of countless outfit changes and pointless attention-seeking paparazzi outings coupled with Zanotti-induced blisters and too-tight Spanx, Kim seems to be sticking with this hermit-style lifestyle now, albeit one that involves a sprawling mansion and having to listen to the sounds of a crying newborn and an argumentative rapper boyfriend simultaneously. What a trade off!