5 of the Weirdest Star Guys You Could Ever Develop a Crush On

We’ve all been there: a strange tingling in the loins develops whenever Game of Thrones is on and Kit Harington isn’t even on screen, or your watching a film where the character that attracts your most attention is a nerd, an old man or some sort of strange otherworldly creature. These are guys you just shouldn’t like. You should like Liam Hemsworth or at the very least, an aged George Clooney complete with adorable salt and pepper beard. Yet, there is something strangely appealing about these odd dudes that you can’t quite understand yet love. Some may say your on a self-destructive path, others might believe that you’ve just lowered your standards over time (you have awful friends if you hear this one). Whatever the reason, you are probably somewhat disturbed as these crushes just can’t ever be explained!

Benedict Cumberbatch: You like them weird.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Nicolas Cage: There is no excuse for this one.
nicolas cage

Oscar Pistorius: Not a good idea.
Oscar Pistorius

Peter Dinklage: Vaguely understandable.
Peter Dinklage

Steve Buscemi: That’s just not right, at all.
steve buscemi