5 Most affordable cars of 2019

It is always an exciting time for car manufacturers and the public whenever the former launches new vehicles in the market. All of the car makers have something new to offer in 2019, from compact cars to SUVs to sports cars to electric vehicles. Here is a sample of what is expected in 2019. 

Dacia Duster SUV 

Dacia is set to launch the upgraded Duster SUV in March 2019. Expect 2 1.3L new variants to come out. These new Dacia Duster variants will come in petrol with TCe. The TCe 130 4×2 boasts of having a top speed of 119 kmh, reaching 0-62mph in 11.1 seconds, with 128bhp and 240Nm of torque. The TCe 150 4×2 variant, on the other hand, gives 148bhp and 250Nm of torque, reaching 0-62mph in around 10 seconds. Its top speed is 124 kmh. The regular 1.6L petrol and diesel engines start at USD 13,000. 


Skoda Citigo  

Skoda came out with a winner with its compact car Citigo model, bagging the Car of the Year 2019 award. The Citigo model has several variants, the base model being the Citigo 3 Door S, starting at USD 11,638. For a compact car at a very affordable price, the audio setup can be connected to your smartphone and the rear seats are foldable to expand storage space. The 1.0L engine gives 60ps of power and 95Nm of torque, with a maximum speed of 101 mph, reaching 0-62 mph in 14.4 seconds. You can get 50.4 to 55.4 mpg out of it.  


Peugeot 108  

Peugeot is coming out with the successor to their 107 model, aptly named the Peugeot 108. Though heavier by 55kg, its drag coefficient is lower than its predecessor at 0.29. Its CO2 emissions are quite low at 88g/km. The 1.0L model can from from 0-62mph in 13 seconds and gives 68.8 mpg. Its top speed is at 99 mph. The 1.0L engine provides 72 bhp of power and 69 lb ft of torque The base model starts at USD 10,486. 


SEAT Leon 

SEAT is completing all preparations for the launch of the 4th generation Leon model. The new lineup won’t have 3-door variants anymore but will still be available in 1.0L and 1.5L petrol and 1.6L diesel engines. It is boosted by an electric motor that will give 50+ mpg fuel consumption and get you from 0 to 62 mph in 7 seconds. The Leon also comes with high-tech features like a fully digital cluster, a wireless charger, full link technology, and keyless system. Though no specific dates are given as to the launch, it is expected to be available in the summer of 2019. Prices may start at USD 23,612. If this is too high, you may want to see how Hollywood Title Loans can make it possible for you to own this car. 


2019 Honda Urban EV  

Honda has jumped on the electric vehicles bandwagon and is ready to unveil the Urban EV, their first electric vehicle in Europe. The clean and wood grain dashboard design is a perfect combination of classic and modern. There is no published SRP yet but it is expected to be around the range of USD 28,773 to compete with Renault’s Zoe or Nissan Leaf. Honda is targeting an early 2019 release for the vehicle.  


Did that whet your appetite? You have to wait until the vehicles are officially available in the market.