5 Male Celebrities Who Have Scary Looking Teeth

While many stars have had their teeth fixed up so they look perfect in front of the camera (often installing a whole new set of veneers if they have to, just to have a pearly-white smile), these 5 star guys certainly don’t care much about having perfect teeth and whatever is rotting inside their mouths is all completely natural (minus a lump of gold or two). Some have discoloration, crooked teeth or weird gaps that make their smile look a little less charming and perhaps make it more frightening. We all forget to brush every now and then, but these 5 celebrities look like they’ve never even heard of a tooth brush, while being heavy smokers and even drug users has made their mouths a place of unpleasant decay. Can anyone actually believe that Kate Moss used to kiss Pete Doherty?




Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen greets fans whilst out for a smoke on the fire escape of Massey Hall.

Morgan Freeman
morgan freeman

Pete Doherty
pete doherty

Ricky Gervais
ricky gervais

Steve Buscemi