5 legged lamb born in Wales becomes internet sensation

A lamb born on a farm in Wales with five legs have been saved by his family, after the youngster battled against the odds to survive and now he’s a viral hit.

Jake, as he’s been christened by the Loyd-Davies family was born with an extra-front leg on a farm near Lake Vyrnwy, Lanwddyn, Powys last week (April 16) and while they were told by he likely wouldn’t survive, the little lamb is as fighting fit as any of his four-legged cousins.

“But he’s just like a perfectly normal lamb,” Bethan Lloyd-Davies, 49 told the Daily Post.

“He’s running around in the fields and jumping on his mother. In fact he seems to be thriving.”

5 legged lamb

5 legged lamb Jake is seriously cute (YouTube)

While such deformities don’t appear to be that uncommon, most lambs reportedly die within 30 minutes of birth, but Jake must be pretty strong as nearly a week later and he’s still going.

“We’ve asked a few people about it but no one has come across a five-legged lamb that has survived,” she said.

The family have ruled out an operation to remove the leg and are now planning to keep Jake as a pet.

A video of the youngster walking around with his extra leg has been posted to YouTube and the story of the five-legged Welsh lamb has gone viral. We have to admit, we’re a little bit in love with the 5 legged wonder.