5 fun ways to earn money

It has been said time and time again, “Money makes the world go round.” It sure is difficult to live life without money. And for many, earning money can be a struggle. But with the many opportunities, options, and choices available today, there is always a way to earn money. Of course, you can always play high rollers casino online. But if you prefer something different, here are some fun, playful choices. 


Be rented as a local friend 

Sometimes, you may think that you have lived your entire life in one place for nothing. Actually, it is not. You can welcome tourists to your region / hometown by being their local friend. “Rent a local friend” is a global concept that connects tourists with locals. It gives tourists a real feel of the culture of a place. This “service” is available in 130 countries, in over 270 cities, with over 1,200 local friends available worldwide. You can be part of this group and explore your hometown, and see it with fresh eyes. 


Be a website / app tester 

If you are always on your gadgets, you will love this. You do not have to be a professional software developer for this. You just need to test the usability and give feedback on user experience when browsing a website or an app. With over 1.8 billion active websites and more than 2 million apps in the world, with more under development and to be developed, more and more people are needed to test these websites and apps. You can get paid as low as USD 10 per test. Most people earn an average of USD 500 a month for doing such tests regularly.  


Host meals for tourists 

If you are a great home cook and love to host dinner parties, you can extend that to tourists in your area. You can be anywhere in the world and have tourists come over for a meal. It can be a formal meal or a casual gathering. You give tourists a taste of the local cuisine with all its unique flavors and stories that come along with it. You can sign up with Eatwith, a worldwide “community of authentic food experiences with locals.” They are present in over 130 countries. Depending on what you serve, your location, and how many people you can accommodate, a meal can be as low as USD 40 per head or USD 120. 


Take stock photos 

If you have an eye for taking great photographs, why not get paid for it rather than upload them for free on social media? Stock photography sites allow professional and amateur photographers to post their photos online, like a gallery. Some sites require exclusivity while others do not. Most contributors get an average of 50% every time their photo is downloaded. If you play your cards right, you can earn as much as USD 500 monthly. 


Be a mystery shopper 

A lot of companies have put emphasis on the importance of customer satisfaction. And to keep retail businesses on their toes, they hire mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers can be anyone and live anywhere, depending on the market of the business. As a mystery shopper, you will be asked to go to a physical location (store, hotel, park, etc.), observe, snap photos secretly, make a purchase / do a transaction, and fill out a form. You can earn anywhere between USD 8 to 25.  

With the many ways to earn money, keep in mind what former US President Barack Obama said, “Money is not the only answer; but it makes a difference.” Make the money that you earn count.