5 Celebs Who Have Duck Lips From Too Many Lip Injections!

If you get creeped out by giant, nightmarish duck lips – look away now, because they’re about to smother you in kisses and whisper ‘DAH-ling’ in your ear. These 5 celebrities have all taken their lip injections to the extreme, not noticing that instead of looking like Marilyn Monroe, they look closer to Daffy Duck or whatever the female version of Daffy Duck is (just add a feminine bow to the hair Disney!). Plumping up their already puckered pout, these stars basically ruined their looks – and many of them didn’t stop at their lips, also toying with their other key facial features in dramatic ways. The end result is of course, not very natural looking. Looking like a real life blow-up sex doll, these celebrities actually spent money to gain their trout-like appearance!



Donatella Versace


Jackie Stallone
jackie stallone

Lara Flynn Boyle
lara flynn boyle

Lisa Rinna
lisa rinna

Nikki Cox
Nikki Cox