5 Celebrities Who’ve Walked Out of Interviews

These 5 celebrities have all caused a stir by up-and-leaving in the middle of an interview. Perhaps pushed too hard to answer difficult questions or just asked something about a topic they’re hoping to keep under wraps, these 5 celebs have all abruptly bolted from their interview, many looking quite rude or very upset in the process. One celebrity had a prank pulled on them and they weren’t happy so they decided to ditch the interview in a huff, while others were asked about controversial headlines they’ve made and they simply weren’t happy to talk about the negative aspects of their career. Some come across as plain rude for making an exit, while others were clearly just pushed too hard or weren’t in the mood for a probing interview.

Paris Hilton

Justin Bieber

Carrie Prejean

Robert Pattinson

Naomi Campbell