5 Celebrities Who’ve Taken a Public Tumble While Drunk

Keeling over in public after a few too many drinks, these 5 celebrities have taken very public tumbles and the paparazzi were there to catch all of the action. Some were on a night out with friends when they sank a few too many shots and couldn’t walk straight (it happens!) while others were even walking the red carpet and were clearly pretty tanked up before hand, because they managed to land on their rear end while the photographers at the event caught them at their worst. They may have since slept off the hangover but the photographic evidence of their drunken night will never go away. Here is a look at 5 stars who all hit the champagne a little too hard and ended up on the floor.

Courtney Love

courtney love

Josh Duhamel

Paris Hilton
paris hilton

Tan Mom
tan mom

Lindsay Lohan
lindsay lohan