5 Celebrities Who’ve Shared a Snap of Their Booty

Clearly proud of the junk in their trunk, these 5 celebrities have all snapped booty pics to show off their figures. Posing in rather skimpy ensembles, these celebs embrace their curves and are happy to show off what they have! Ok, so perhaps it’s a tad on the attention-seeking side – Kim Kardashian made headlines when she recently snapped her post-baby body in a tight white swimsuit and shared it with the world – obviously a big cry for attention! Coco Austin is another bootilicious lady who loves showing off her big derriere in thongs or anything revealing – her lingerie-clad image left little to the imagination! Rihanna has shared several snaps of her tattooed back-side in the past, including the below shot of herself wearing the skimpiest denim hotpants ever made, probably.

Coco Austin



Kim Kardashian

Nicki Minaj
nicki minaj