5 Celebrities Who Wore Pink on Their Wedding Day!

Bucking the usual virginal white trend, these 5 celebrities all wore shades of pink of their wedding day. Hoping to do something different that is still somewhat romantic, they’ve instead opted for different pink colours – from a light blush to a deeper vibrant version. Enlisting designer friends such as Valentino to help them look their finest when they walk down the aisle, these 5 celebrities all stood out thanks to their unusual colour choice.  Deciding to go against tradition with something fresh, it has worked out for some while others have ended up looking too ‘Barbie’. Check out the 5 stars who’ve gone for a rosy colour choice and see who you think it looked great on!

Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway

Crystal Harris
crystal harris

Gwen Stefani
gwen stefani

Jessica Biel
jessica biel

Reese Witherspoon
reese witherspoon