5 Celebrities Who Say They’re Shy

Never really adjusting to the spotlight or their immense fame, these 5 celebrities say they’re very shy people despite the constant attention that surrounds them. Often finding themselves overwhelmed or shocked by their own fame, these celebrities prefer to hide out in quieter places and do their best to avoid crowds of people who might recognize them. Realizing that might be seen as cold, these stars insist it’s their shyness that keeps them away because they often feel startled by huge groups of fans who spot them on the street. We all have our shy moments but these celebrities say it’s just a permanent part of their personality even if they’re mega famous.




Although she has a loud personality, Bjork says she is a shy person: “It’s hard to believe, but I am quite an introverted person, naturally. Not so flamboyant. To be true to myself, if I could choose while touring, I’d sing once a week, two weeks a month, like on a Friday night to explode and come out of yourself, rather than tour day after day.”

Britney Spears

Britney can be very shy, especially around a guy she likes: “I think if some guy thinks you’re cute he may be intimidated and not come up. But I know when I meet people, if I like them I’ll hit it off with them and start flirting. Actually, I’m a really bad flirt. Nooo, really. I get shy. It’s weird because I think people think because of what I do I’m like, ‘Da-na’, but at heart I’m very shy.”

Emma Watson

Emma still isn’t used to all of the attention and can find it daunting: “It’s been 10 years but I still feel so uncomfortable with being recognised. Just a bit shy I suppose. I wish I had camouflaging powers like a superhero. That would be so helpful. Except for with kids, they are usually shyer than me so I don’t feel so bad.”

Keira Knightley

Keira is very shy and tries to hide in public: “I think it (fame) broke something in me. I was told very early on that if I didn’t go out to openings and parties and events I would be left alone. I didn’t, and they still didn’t leave me alone. I knew it was part of the deal in the life I had signed up to, but the fear of it has never left me. I’m still not good at being recognised. I wear scruffy clothes and hats and keep my head well down. I’m sure people must think I’m a complete b**ch, but I’m just very shy.”

Rupert Grint
rupert grint

Rupert is shy and finds it hard when fans notice him: ”I’m quite a shy person and wherever you go there’s someone taking a picture of you. I do hide away from it and wear hoods and masks. I wore a mask at V Festival two years ago and it was invigorating – I felt free. But it was a latex duck mask and it was really hot, so I couldn’t keep it on for long.”