5 Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Care About Money

Believing that they could be just as happy as they are now with a lot less money waiting for them in their bank account, these 5 stars say that they don’t care about money at all: they don’t work to make it and focus on doing jobs that they love instead. They say they wouldn’t care if they lost a large part of their fortune and some admit that they could easily be content with a lot less than what they already have. Believing that once you have enough money to provide for yourself and your family that you really don’t need much more, these stars say that making money isn’t everything that is important in life and the pursuit is not fulfilling.



Ashton Kutcher

Ashton says he doesn’t care if he loses money because it isn’t important to him: ”If I don’t make money, but what we deliver to people is love and happiness and connectivity and friendship and health, and whatever it is ultimately leads to people’s happiness, I’m fine with losing my money.”

Avril Lavigne

Avril says that while she could treat herself to a mansion if she wanted, she doesn’t feel like she needs to: “It’s not all about the money. I’m very low-key. I came from a home that didn’t have a lot of money, I hardly ever spend money. I live in a little apartment, I don’t have a house, I don’t have a mansion – I could if I wanted.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron says her film choices aren’t motivated by money and she takes parts only based on what she loves: “I can read 40 scripts and they can all be huge movies that will make me tonnes of money, but if it doesn’t speak to me I’m not going to do it.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny says he doesn’t need all of the money he makes and he could be perfectly happy with a lot less: “I could be happy with a few hundred dollars. As long as I could pay the rent and take care of my family I would be fine.”

Liam Gallagher

The ‘Oasis’ singer says he doesn’t go on tour to make money, but to enjoy being in a band: “When they turn round and say ‘What hotels do you want to stay in?’ You don’t say ‘S**t ones, please!’ I don’t go on the road to come back with a big pot of money. I go on the road to have a good time, do great gigs and enjoy being in a band. And that means staying in good hotels and flying business class and s**t like that. I don’t want a f**king Mini (car) picking me up at the airport, I want a nice f**king car picking me up, and if I come back and I’ve made no money on that tour because it’s all been spent, then I’m happy with that. Other people might not be, but I do what I f**king want… I don’t go on the road to make money, I do it to have a f**king good time.”