5 Celebrities Who Say Fame Hasn’t Changed Them

Believing that their fame hasn’t changed them at all, these 5 celebrities all say they’re the very same person now as they were before they made it big. Not letting the fame, money and everything else influence them, these stars try to live their lives as though nothing major has happened. Some take a laid-back approach to it all and don’t let their fame go to their heads, while others have made an effort not to change as their fame grew because they didn’t want to become somebody else just because of the spotlight. Keeping it real and staying true to their own personality, these stars say they haven’t changed at all.



Beyonce thinks nothing has changed on the inside:”At the end of the day you’re the same exact person. I still like the simple things. I have on my press-on nails right now. I have on my store-bought press-on nails. But my paint is professionally done.”

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always felt famous so feels like nothing has changed over the years: “I always felt famous. Because, I think, fame comes from inside. I don’t believe that it’s something that you can touch. It’s not real. It’s all how you allow it to affect your life. I felt so famous when I was living in New York all alone and nobody knew who I was. But I’d put my little top and panties on and run down to the drug store and go meet my friends for a drink. Then I would go out and play a show and I thought I’d made it. And I think now, the fame is not so much about the attention and the cameras. It’s much more about the influence and the impact I could potentially have on my fans and on the world. And that’s what’s most important to me – now that I am here, what am I gonna do?”

Jason Segel

Jason has said that he tries to live his life as though nothing has changed: “I’ve tried hard not to let my life change, if that makes any sense. I just bop around, doing the same stuff I usually do. I go to the pub a lot and am still friends with friends from high school. More than anything, it’s really important as a writer because if you stop experiencing normal life you really feel it in the scripts.”

Justin Timberlake

Justin says that often friends think he has changed, when really they have: “The older you get, the person wasn’t exactly who I thought they were. And I found with friends, close friends that have come and gone in my life, they’re like, ‘Oh, you changed.’ Everything else around you changed, you’re still the same person. If you want to say that I didn’t have to worry about a paparazzi following me around in my car has made me change, then yeah, sorry, I’ve changed, but I didn’t know what that was like before.”

Selena Gomez

Selena believes she still has the same kind of lifestyle even though she’s famous now: ”I’m super laid back. I’m from Texas. I love my family. I still live with my parents. I drive the same car that I’ve driven since I was 16. That’s who I am.”