5 Celebrities Who Make Great Redheads

They may not all be natural redheads, but for these 5 celebrities, that gorgeous shade of red is what suits them the best! Some are constantly experimenting with their locks, but when they opted for a pretty auburn shade it just worked. Some are known for their usually red locks – Nicole Kidman started her career with fiery hair, and although she is these days a blonde, her old hair colour was very flattering on the actress. Drew Barrymore and Elizabeth Olsen both tried out new redhead looks and surprisingly, it suited both actresses beautifully. Opting for subtle shades rather than a bright orange tone, these stars have all found their perfect hair match!

Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore

Elizabeth Olsen
elizabeth olsen

Emma Stone
emma stone

Lindsay Lohan
lindsay lohan

Nicole Kidman
nicole kidman