5 Celebrities Who Looked Geeky as Kids!

 We’ve all had those less flattering moments growing up: be it bad style or just the era’s unfortunate sense of fashion, there are plenty of reasons to cringe over old photos. These 5 celebrities all looked a little bit geeky when they were younger: falling in to the classic nerd category, they’ve got all of the signs: glasses, braces or bad hair. They certainly don’t look like their current hot selves: some even went on to become major sex symbols such as George Clooney, who looks nothing like his very funny old self (the hair is the worst part!) Here are 5 celebrities looking like total geeks – it’s ok to laugh about it now that they’re really hot, right?


Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne

Demi Moore
demi moore

George Clooney
george clooney

Julia Roberts
julia roberts

Ryan Seacrest
ryan seacrest