5 Celebrities Who Look Tired With No Makeup On

Skipping over makeup (possibly because they were running late!) these 5 celebrities all look tired and more rough around the edges than usual. These normally glowing, flawlessly styled celebs look like they’ve been up all night or need to get to bed soon – they look ready to keel over! With no foundation, their skin has lost it’s usual dewy glow and they look washed out, tired and even a little sick. Makeup can work miracles on those small imperfections and brighten up any dull spots, and these 5 celebrities are all in need of a quick makeover. Snapped looking rundown without even a quick layer on, these stars simply don’t look their best.




Heidi Klum
heidi klum

Jessica Simpson

Katie Holmes
katie holmes

Mila Kunis
mila kunis