5 Celebrities Who Have Heart-Shaped Tattoos

It may not be the most unique idea in the world for a tattoo, but it is one that probably has plenty of sentimental value and emotion tied to it. Showing love for a person or something else your passionate about, a heart can easy summed it all up in just a basic heart shape. Some have very discreet inkings – hidden subtly on their wrists or displaying small on a finger – barely noticable unless you look hard. Others have opted for larger or more dramatic hearts, such as Harry Styles, who has a huge black-filled heart tat on his upper arm, just one of many for the ‘One Direction’ singer. Lady Gaga has a heart on her should blade which includes a simple ‘dad’ text inside. Take a look at each of their special tattoos below!

Harry Styles

harry styles

Hilary Duff
hilary duff

Lady Gaga
lady gaga

Miley Cyrus

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
rosie huntington