5 Celebrities Who Have Book Collections

Stashing away the classics or tracking down rare finds, these 5 celebrity bookworms all admit that they have extensive book collections. Some like to find books on special topics or by certain authors while others aren’t fussy and just like accumulating a big load of books to read. Dropping up to huge bucks on first editions or just buying the latest bestseller, these celebrity book collectors each have one thing in common – they love expanding their book stash!


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Sting collects various books: “I love to look at those poems and see if I can pluck something and put it in a different context and bring it to life for myself and maybe for somebody who’s never heard it before. Books are the only thing I’m really acquisitive about. I have books that I’ve kept from university, even paperbacks. I would never throw a book away. I’m always afraid to lend a book to anyone, I admits it. They’re my treasures.”

Jake Gyllenhaal
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Jake hoards cook books: “I’ve always loved cooking, probably because my father and other always cooked. I have a massive section in my library at home of beautiful old cook books. I really have a strange obsession with them.”

Andie MacDowell
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Andie reads and keeps books of every genre: “I read a lot of non-fiction books. I’m obsessed with Carl Jung, so I read a lot of different adaptations of his work and how people see his work. I read a lot of those and then I burn my brain out, and then I like to read something lighter. I read ‘The Help’, along with everybody else. I really enjoyed that. I thought it was a really quick and easy read. I’m just reading ‘The Cottonwood Bible’. I’m a member of a book club, but I don’t always make it. But I try to keep up with what they’re reading. I love all of Oprah’s picks, I think she picks good books.”

Johnny Depp
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The Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson was gifted a rare book and says Johnny has plenty of others: “I don’t know how Johnny gets everything done. With the books, it isn’t just a first edition of T.S. Eliot, it’s the manuscript. He showed me a first edition of Les Fleurs Du Mal inscribed by Baudelaire. I couldn’t believe it. Then when I got home, I found Johnny had slipped it inside my suitcase.”

Daniel Radcliffe
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Daniel doesn’t mind dropping big cash on books: “The only time I will spend a wad of cash in one go – and this is going to sound so nerdy – is in bookshops. I’ve gone out of bookshops with a pile of 15 to 20 books before. It’s excessive. I have this thing in bookshops where if I see this thing that there’s a good chance I may never ever see again or sounds interesting then I have to get it. So that’s a way of bleeding your money. The only slightly lavish thing that I do sometimes is that I might take all my friends out for a night out. And that’s, like, once a year. I’m refreshingly boring.”

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