5 Celebrities Who Hate the Single Life

Being single isn’t for everyone and these 5 celebrities have all commented that they don’t enjoy the single life at all. Preferring to be in a steady relationship with someone instead of feeling alone, these stars say they don’t like to be playing the dating game and find it difficult. Searching for a long term other half, these stars never like being on their own and feel better when they’re all loved up.


41st Annual American Music Awards - Press Room

Rihanna thinks the single life sucks: “It sucks but it is, what it is. Let me say this right, because I don’t want to make it seem like, my work is my everything. I do put a lot into my job. Most of my time if not all of it. It definitely affects my personal life. My personal life is pretty much non-existent. Which is not good, not for the long run. Not for me, not for “Her” (points to in-between her legs) It’s not fun!”

Katy Perry
56th Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

Katy finds being single hard because she’s always looking for the one: “I’d like to get married if I find that ‘one’ everyone talks about. I’m not in a rush, but last night I was thinking, ‘Is it wrong for me to want to marry soon and have that feeling?’ And I wonder when that person is going to present himself to me.  To me, marriage isn’t about bank accounts and houses; it’s about finding the one you can hitch your hip to and build on each other’s strengths.”

Ali Landry
"Frozen" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Ali doesn’t like the dating scene: “I don’t like being single. I don’t like the scene, but I’m kind of forcing myself to do things, get out a little more, which is kind of tough. I think God has someone out there for me – I’m not HALLE BERRY. I am not tainted toward men. I really feel like there is someone out there who is honest, passionate and right for me. So I am just going to wait for that to happen, I guess!”

UJA-Federation Of New York Music Visionary Of The Year Award Luncheon - Arrivals

Adele never enjoyed the single life: “I hate being single. It’s really hard. To be honest, I got a bit burned back in May around my birthday. I know he’d be over the moon if I wrote a record about him. But no way is that boy getting a record about him. No way – he would ride that wave forever, that’s how much of a d**khead he is. He would ride that wave forever. Get a life, you idiot! We’ve got the same friends and they’ll all be watching this (interview) ’cause he’s obsessed, and they’ll all be going, ‘Loser!'”

Katie Holmes
"Gravity" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

An insider close to Katie commented that the actress doesn’t like to being single: ”Katie hates being single — and her dad knows it. They have always been incredibly close, and he’s made it his mission to try to find her a new man.”

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