5 Celebrities Who Hate Celeb Culture

They may be famous for what they do, but for these 5 celebrities that is actually a negative aspect of their career. They all say they aren’t interested in the typical celebrity lifestyle: parties, red carpet events and paparazzi just don’t appeal to them. Preferring to just be able to do their career without being known stars, they try to duck out of the spotlight as much as possible and don’t want to get immersed in celeb culture because they simply don’t get the appeal. They find it pointless, “vulgar” and even vacuous to become obsessed with all things celebrity.

Annie Lennox


Annie can’t stand the celeb lifestyle and hates being followed by paparazzi: “I don’t know what it must feel like to be followed every day from airport to car to hotel to home to restaurant to high street… Well… I’ve had a taste of it, and I truly hate it… There’s no money worth losing your freedom or privacy for… but everybody’s rushing for the golden carrot… And then… What are any of these guys famous for? What have they done? What do they contribute? Are they raising the bar in any shape or form?”

Jack White

Jack thinks being a celebrity is a negative aspect of his creativity: “I hate the word celebrity! Celebrity is very empty. It’s like all the people talking about Paris Hilton or whatever. There’s really nothing going on there. I’ve never wanted that. Anything that’s happened is sort of a by-product of creativity.”

Rachel Weisz

Rachel believes that Hollywood parties and the typical lifestyle are pointless and even vulgar: “I am an actress. I think celebrity is a vulgar thing. It’s so easy to be famous, turn up in a certain frock, present a show, take your top off. If you go to those parties and wear those dresses you become a celebrity, which has nothing to do with acting. I don’t go to those parties. I can’t stand them.”

Russell Crowe

Russell isn’t interested in the celeb aspect of his life: “Some people believe celebrity is a power that should be used. Ultimately, your dollars are more powerful. I’m famous for making movies. Celebrity just happens to be an unfortunate byproduct of what I do. Whatever used to be called mystery, you’re not allowed to have that anymore. So there’s a whole bunch of blank space that’s filled in with stuff that fills up pages of newspapers. Which is not real, and you know it’s not real, and I know it’s not real. And readers don’t really care because that’s what they’re interested in.”

Sofia Coppola

Sofia thinks celeb culture has gone too far because it’s taking over the whole of America: ”I see celebrity culture as some kind of guilty-pleasure thing that you look at once in a while. But now it’s become the dominating thing in our culture in America. It’s out of control.”