5 Celebrities Who Hate Being Judged on Appearances

These 5 celebrities don’t like it when they’re constantly being called sexy, hot, beautiful or any other label. They want to be known for their work and what they do, rather than just how they look. While it’s certainly a compliment, these celebs are now bored of people constantly only giving them attention for being good looking and would prefer if people didn’t just label them based on appearances.

Megan Fox

Megan is not comfortable with being named as sexy: “I’m not comfortable with it (FHM Sexiest Woman) at all. It annoys me. I have a few love scenes (in Jennifer’s Body). I eat and seduce everyone – boys and girls. There’s a lot of kissing and craziness. It was awkward, it’s always awkward and it’s never fun.”

Kristen Stewart

Kristen doesn’t like being labeled because of how she looks: “I can’t stand labels. What does that (being hot) even mean? I don’t feel hot and I don’t like talking about being put in that category.”

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander thinks his work shouldn’t be about his appearance: ”I’m an actor, not a sex symbol. If you’re vain and you’re like, ‘Oh my fans won’t like it if I’m a little chubby or if I’m pale or if I look older than I really am, I’m not doing my job then.”’

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett isn’t fond of being called sexy: “I’m at a little bit of a funny age where I get that ‘sexiest woman’ thing, and it feels like a label for right now. But maybe when I get older, it won’t be like that.”

Halle Berry

Halle hates being judged purely on appearances: “Being thought of as beautiful has spared me nothing. Beauty is meaningless, transitory.”