5 Celebrities Who Are Self-Critical

Often pushing themselves hard and obsessed with being perfect and doing their best for their careers, these 5 celebrities admit there are times when they are very harsh on themselves and are self-critical. Believing that they need to know the truth about their work, these celebrities try to see what they’ve done objectively so they can know if it’s good enough. Pushing themselves to always go that extra mile and do the best job possible, these stars admit they are their own worst critics.

Christina Aguilera

41st Annual American Music Awards - Arrivals

Christina pushes herself to achieve: “I’m my own worst critic sometimes. Because I’m such an extreme perfectionist when I’m in the midst of creating what I do. So it’s a little bit of a tug of war with myself.”

56th Annual Grammy Awards - Clive Davis and the Recording Academy's Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Lucian Grainge - Arrivals

Kelis likes to know when her work isn’t good: “There’s a difference between a pop star and an artist. Pop stars have to be perfect all the time; an artist is allowed, on occasion, to suck. And I put myself in that category because I sometimes suck. I’m not trying to please the masses. It’s not going to happen so I don’t try.”

Daniel Radcliffe
"Kill Your Darlings" New York City Screening Hosted by Cinema Society and Johnston & Murphy - Arrivals

Daniel has been tough on himself: ”I think it’s important to be your own toughest critic because that way you’ll always be driven to get better. But it’s important to temper that with being able to give yourself credit for something you’re pleased with. I was very bad at that before. I was unable to see anything good, but now I’m starting to.”

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore "Find It In Everything" Book Signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles on January 15, 2014

Drew often beats herself up:  “I’m not easy on myself. I f**king beat the livin’ s**t out of myself. There’s always something more I could do, something better, smarter, be more hard-working, more disciplined. That doesn’t mean I don’t succumb to self-loathing, get morbid or cynical. There are moments, but they are fleeting.”

Emma Watson
86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Emma was brought up being a perfectionist: ”My parents have very strong work ethics and have instilled that in me; a love and a respect for what you do and taking pride in it. And then – and this is sort of irritating at times – I’m a bit OCD about perfectionism. I’m my own worst critic. I always want to do better. I’m always striving towards the next thing.”

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