5 Celebrities Who Are Missing Part of a Finger

Losing a little part of themselves, these 5 celebrities are all missing a piece of their finger. Thankfully, they’re only missing a small part of one finger and can still function just as well, some are even skilled musicians and have to use their fingers artfully, using a small prosthetic if needs be. Many lost the part in a childhood accident – Daryl Hannah’s finger got caught in her grandmother’s well when she was just three years old. However, some even lost their finger part quite recently, such as Jesse James, who got his stuck in some machinery which took the top clean off. He even tweeted several very graphic photos of the finger part and the resulting gore!

Daryl Hannah

daryl hanna

Jerry Garcia
jerry garcia

Jesse James
jesse james

Matthew Perry
matthew perry

Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi
tony iommi