5 Celebrities Who Are Known For Their Big Butts!

These 5 celebrities are all known for their big booties! They’ve become famous over the years for their ballooned behinds and for the most part, they’re happy to flaunt it! Dressing up in skin tight trousers or figure-hugging dresses that highlight their curvaceous asset, these bootilicious celebrities don’t exactly hide their big butts away. Singers such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are known for wearing tight costumes on stage that show it off, while reality star Kim Kardashian is happy to highlight her butt in clingy dresses that even make it look bigger! Coco Austin has probably the biggest butt of them all: she’s even been rumored to have had cheek implants to enhance their size and they do look beyond natural!





Coco Austin
coco austin

Jennifer Lopez
jennifer lopez

Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian

Nicki Minaj
nicki minaj