5 Celebrities Who Are Grateful for Their Fame

Grateful for all they have as a result of their fame, these 5 stars have all said that they’re thankful for their careers and everything that has come with it. They don’t know what they would have done without their big break and are so glad that they have made it. Some were at a very low point when they finally had a break through that they needed so badly, while others appreciate their fame and never thought they’d get to where they are. Surprised that they’ve managed to succeed and are so grateful for the fame that they have, these stars say they don’t take a second for granted.

Cheryl Cole


Cheryl just doesn’t know what she would have done if her career hadn’t taken off: “My motivation is absolutely being in the public eye. Like I totally get it when people who sit in offices with nine-to-five jobs can’t be bothered. What would be their motivation? I would never give up what I do. I love what I do, I love my music, I love being a judge on The X Factor.”


Fergie had hit a new low before her career took off and is forever thankful that she made it: “I had to move back to my mom’s and start collecting unemployment benefit because I had spent all my child actor money – so I have been up and down with money. I appreciate the value of it. Riding in a private jet is very glamorous and I remember the first time we did it. We were so excited because they said whatever we wanted to eat we could order, so we went crazy and ordered lobster, shrimp, crab, rice, steak – it was a huge feast”.

Lady Gaga

Gaga doesn’t think she could live without her fame: “There are times when it can be a lot to deal with but always when I get up in the morning I try to find that very joyful place that reminds me that I would die if someone took it all away. If someone did that I wouldn’t be a person any more. I have such an appreciation for where I am in my life because I’ve struggled and because I couldn’t get signed, and because I couldn’t get played on the radio.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny never imagined that he could make it an actor and is so grateful: “I never dreamed I would get this far and stay around for so long. In fact I always wonder when I’m going to be rumbled and sent packing. It could happen tomorrow, so I’m just deeply, deeply grateful for the jobs I get. Who knows. I might still end up playing guitar in some bar someplace. Or pumping gas? I honestly believe it’s a miracle I still get jobs.”

Zac Efron

Zac says he is grateful for his break out role in ‘High School Musical’ because it launched his career: “Here’s the one thing about High School Musical that a lot of people forget or don’t realise. It affected a lot of people; its resonance, culturally, was massive… and at the same time, it was in every sense of it, the luckiest break in the world. The wrong thing to do – and that’s what all these interviews now are trying to get me to say – is to turn on it, to like s**t on it, call it crap. But that’s insane.”