5 Celebrities Who Admit That They Lost Their Virginity Too Young

Feeling as though they made the wrong decision in the past, these 5 celebrities have all said that they believe they lost their virginity too young and they now wish they had waited until they were older or more ready for their first big sexual experience. Some were very young when they decided to have sex and now they realize that what happened was something they weren’t prepared for or it ended up being ridiculous  – and they now wish they had a more special moment a few years down the line.  Believing that they made a bad choice, these 5 celebs have all opened up candidly on losing their virginity at an age they felt was just too young for them.




Britney Spears

britney spears

Britney Spears regrets losing her virginity to Justin Timberlake but thought it was forever at the time: “If you can wait until you’re married you should definitely do that because it is so much more sacred. I just think it is really important to do that but, in reality, if you know you are going to be with that person for ever and you are four of five years into the relationship, stuff can happen. You don’t go around sleeping with loads of people but I really thought I was going to be with Justin for the rest of my life.”

George Clooney

George reveals that he first slept with someone aged 16 and thinks he was now way too young: “[I was] young, very young, too young.” He also added that he had his first orgasm when he was “six or seven” years old.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe opened up that she was only 14 and an older guy took advantage: “This guy was very, very manipulative, and I ended up losing my virginity to him when I was only 14. When my dad found out I was having sex, he went ballistic. My mom taught me how to drive when I was 13, so if one of our baby sisters had an emergency I could drive to the hospital. But I took advantage of it. I used to steal her car or Bruce’s, and I’d go over to this guy’s house. He was a lot older than me, though he lied and said he was younger. Of course, I lied, too, and said I was 16. I was doing really well in school until I met him.”

Matthew Fox

Matthew was only 12 and thought the experience was terrible: “I was 12. She was about two years older than me. It wasn’t her first time. I can actually see the event in my mind’s eye, like photographs. It was in Dubois, Wyoming, where the population sign probably says, to this day, about 1,000. It happened literally on the ground by a river while a rodeo was going on in town. It was absolutely terrible and awkward – just two f***ing kids lying down and pulling our pants down.”

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa says she lost her virginity at 14 and it was too soon: ”I had too many boys too soon. I regret losing my innocence so early. I can still count on my fingers and toes the number of guys I’ve slept with. A good percentage of those encounters happened between the ages of 14 and 17 and that felt like a lot, even at the time. Despite my street-girl persona, I was totally into the idea of fairytale romance. I wore my heart on my sleeve and I was ready to give my all if I thought I was going to get love in return. Of course, it wasn’t the right way to go about things, because any attention and affection I got from those men was usually only temporary, but it took me a while to learn that lesson.”