5 Celebrities Spotted With Cellulite While Wearing Bikinis!

Proving once and for all that they’re not perfect or flawless beings, these 5 stars were all spotted with cellulite when they hit the beach in their bikinis. Cellulite is extremely common, so it’s no surprise that these celebrities have all battled the annoying skin condition – it’s something almost all women end up worrying about, especially during beach season! Plagued with the lumpy appearance on various parts of their bodies (most commonly on the legs but some have it elsewhere too), these celebrities still put on their swimwear and showed off their figure regardless – or perhaps unknowingly – as they sunbathed and swam and the paparazzi snapped photos of their imperfections.

Cindy Crawford

cindy crawford

Jerry Hall
jerry hall

Mischa Barton
mischa barton

Sharon Stone
sharon stone

Tara Reid
tara reid