5 Celebrities Speak on the Idea of Having a Regular Job

Celebrities don’t have normal lives – their jobs demand that they travel the world, work ridiculous hours and make millions – they don’t work a 9 – 5 and never have to worry about what to wear to the office. These 5 celebrities have all spoken on the idea of having a normal job and how they’d feel about working in a coffee shop or as a cleaner instead of walking the red carpet. Some have had a taste of what a regular job is like and say they wouldn’t mind trading it all in, while others have never wanted to work a normal job and are glad their career has gone in the direct they hoped it would.

Bruno Mars

2011 GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! - Media Room

Bruno never wanted a normal day job and always dreamed of a career in music: ”My dream was to not get a day job but to sleep, wake up and do my music. And hopefully, my music does all the talking. I want to keep that dream forever. That’s it. That’s what I love to do.”

Victoria Beckham
84th Annual Academy Awards - GREAT British Film Reception to Honor the British Nominees - Arrivals

Victoria says she wouldn’t mind working a regular job as long as she had her husband David at her side: “Sometimes I see a couple who have just finished work, sitting there in their car and she has got her Barclays bank badge on and he has got his Dixons (electrical store) badge on and they are going home for dinner. Sometimes that looks so nice to me, but we all want something we all have.”

Miley Cyrus
KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2013 - Arrivals

Miley once had an average job and she says she didn’t mind scrubbing toilets: “I had one normal job and I actually liked it. I worked at this place called Sparkles Cleaning Service and I cleaned houses, I was like 11. I can clean toilet bowls.”

Drew Barrymore
LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala Honoring Martin Scorsese and David Hockney Presented by Gucci - Arrivals

Drew has had some normal jobs in her younger years and even enjoyed them: “I’ve been acting since I was 11-months old but I have had normal jobs too. I worked at a coffee house and I was terrible. And I mean, really terrible. My boss just hated me. I could see the resentment in his eyes every day. I was 14. I also worked at a Music Plus store. I rocked at that job because I love movies and so anyone would come in and have just a vague idea of anything and I was like ‘I got it! I’m on it!’ I loved that job.”

Jodie Foster
2013 Tribeca Film Festival - "Sunlight Jr." - Arrivals

Jodie often feels like quitting Hollywood and trying out a regular job: “Sometimes I think, ‘What the hell are you doing? What’s the value of all this?’ I have fantasies about the things I might have done. I wish I’d been a ski bum or maybe had a job at a Starbucks in a ski place.”

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