5 Celebrities Speak on Launching Political Careers

They’ve already had amazing careers in the spotlight and these 5 celebrities have all discussed the possibility of launching their own political careers. Some have been encouraged to join parties in the past, while others have contemplated running for a position after deciding for themselves. Not all of them are actually interested in giving it a go though – despite thinking about it or being pressurized by people who think they’d be great at it, some have decided that there are better ways to help out then getting involved in politics.

Alec Baldwin


Alec is interested in a move in to politics and he believes anyone can do it: “Yes, it’s something I’m very interested in. I do believe that people want to believe that someone who deeply cares about the middle class … would like to seek public office. We’ve had men who are Ivy League-groomed running this country since 1988. We’ve had men, regardless of their background, 22 years of Yale and Harvard and the problems aren’t getting solved.”

Ben Affleck

Ben says he is interested but won’t comment on how he wants to approach a political career:”One never knows. I’m not one to get into conjecture. I do have a great fondness and admiration for the political process in this country. It’s a big deal for me to come down here and be on your show that I’ve watched so much, but I’m not going to get into speculation about my political future.”

Dolph Lundgren

Dolph wants to help his community but he isn’t sure of politics is the route to take: “Funny enough, I was asked to run for office in Sweden this year. But I didn’t want do it… I spoke out about the environment, and the Green Party in Sweden came to me and asked. I didn’t want to do it, but it was interesting. I figure, if you’re a celebrity, it’s not good to work for one party. You can raise more awareness if people don’t look at you as working for one party only. But it would be fun to get involved in public service in some way because I’ve never done that. As you get older, you go from caring about yourself to caring about your family to caring about your community.”

George Clooney

George says a career in politics isn’t an option for him because it doesn’t interest him that much: “It would never be something I’m interested in. I’m not good at the kind of compromises that you have to make to get elected.”

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah says she has thought about it and may do something about it in the future: “It (a career in politics) did cross my mind. I was always that kind of kid who wanted to be involved in student government. If there was a way I could change the world, then I wanted to be involved in it.”