5 Celebrities Speak on Googling Their Own Names!

These 5 stars have all revealed whether or not they Google their own names. Just by typing in their name and clicking ‘go’, they can see all of the gossip stories and work reviews in an instant: but is it a good idea or a bad idea to see everything their worst critics and biggest fans have to say about them? It’s easier than ever to become engrossed online: you can even order a pizza, book a salon appointment, check up on Facebook or even play bingo online all at one go! However, these stars have mixed feelings when it comes to checking up info on themselves when they’re browsing – while some say they try not to, others simply just can’t say no!


Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten says she often just can’t help it even though she knows it’s dangerous: “Of course, who doesn’t? It’s not good to do because ultimately the two nice comments (outweigh) the one bad one you’re going to be focused on. It’s not very healthy to do. It’s a very dangerous place. It’s not healthy.”

Mila Kunis

Mila thinks you can go mad when you see other people’s different opinions of yourself: ”The fact that there is no right or wrong is what I think is maddening. I can think you’re a phenomenal actor, but the guy next door can think you’re a horrible actor, and neither of us is wrong and neither of us is right. It’s just a matter of opinion. And when your only source of happiness comes from that opinion, you go mad. So I think that you have to restrain yourself from googling your name and have other hobbies and desires and wants.”

Nicki Minaj

Nicki feels that most of the stuff written is crazy and she just can’t read it anymore: “I used to when I started out just to see if I was on it, but then I realised that reading blogs is a lot more fun when you aren’t being written about – there is so much gossip and so many rumours. The other day, I read that I was pregnant and I thought, ‘That’s crazy! Who is writing this stuff?’ I don’t need to read that.”

Rose Byrne
rose byrne

Rose tries not to google her name but often gives in to temptation: ”I make a concerted effort not to do them [Google searches], but of course, I have to – I’m human. We all Google ourselves. I’m not a tech-y person. I had a basic cell phone for years, but then it broke, and I just got an iPhone. I’m a little bit obsessive-compulsive – I can get on the computer and just not get off.”

Susan Sarandon

Susan reveals that she doesn’t ever use a computer so wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to reading about herself:”I wouldn’t even know how to Google myself. I don’t know how to touch a computer.’