5 Celebrities Smoking Hookah

Smoking hookah may not be good for your health if you do it regularly, but as a once off, it can be a unique experience.  Flavoured tobacco is lit in a bong and filtered through pipes then inhaled through the mouth via a tube – and these 5 celebrities seem to be enjoying themselves as they take a hit! Now that Hookah bars are popping up everywhere and it is beginning to become a trend of sorts, more and more stars have been snapped smoking Hookah at one point or another. One big fan is Drake, who has posted several photos of himself smoking Hookah to his Instagram account. Rihanna has also shared photos of her fun experience and even Kim Kardashian was seen enjoying some Hookah smoke on a night out before.




Keri Hilson
keri hilson

Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian