5 Celebrities on Their First Romantic Loves

We all remember the first person we fell head-over-heels in love with and these 5 celebrities are no different. Each sharing their personal stories, they’ve recounted their tales of falling in love for the first time, who it was involved and how it changed them! Saying that love is a very powerful emotion, especially when you experience it for the first time, these celebrities also have some wise words to say about their romantic relationships and how they changed when love came into their lives. Feeling overwhelmed or just surprised by how the emotion captured them, these celebrities have candidly admitted that their first loves were passionate and memorable.

Kristen Stewart

85th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

Kristen believes it’s true that the first heartbreak is the most painful: “Everybody says the first cut if the deepest. It’s so true. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the best love, but it’s the first that you remember. There is one boy that I will remember for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t go as far as to say, ‘Oh I was in love with him and he broke my heart’. You hold on to that, just that first experience, it’s good to have and you should appreciate it, even if it hurts.”

Taylor Swift
41st Annual American Music Awards - Press Room

Taylor thinks real love is so different to any other feelings: ”I dated a guy in high school for a while and I think that was, in a way, first love-ish. But then there’s the first time that you love someone more than you’ve ever loved anything, ever. That’s a different thing. Then there’s the time after that where you feel like you’ve loved a man more than anyone you ever loved in your life and that must be your first love because that must be the only time you’ve ever felt that kind of love. I think your life is full of first loves because every time you love someone new, you love them in a different way.”

Gwen Stefani
40th Anniversary American Music Awards - Arrivals

Gwen remembers being completely overwhelmed by the experience: ”That first love you have is so huge and it was, like, so overwhelming and I remember defining myself by that. Basically I was so inspired by this love there was just nothing else. I wanted to get married, I wanted to have babies. It was such a short dream, you know what I mean? I didn’t realise at the time there is so much more out there.”

Alicia Silverstone
"Ass Backwards" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Alicia admits her first love was actually gay and she didn’t know it: ”I’ve had so many crushes on gay boys. My first love was so gay, and I didn’t know. I used to defend him because everyone would say he was gay, but he’d say he wasn’t. Then, about six years later, he had the big talk with me.”

Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis Photocall at The Body Shop in London on March 27, 2013

Leona remembers her first major boyfriend and thinks she was stupid but doesn’t regret it: ”Everything has led me to where I’m supposed to be now and even the stupid stuff I did when I was younger happened for a reason. For example, with my first boyfriend, I was so in love with him when we broke up I thought the world had ended. But as I got older and thought about it, I saw it wasn’t meant to be and I wouldn’t have done the things I’ve done or be on the path I’m on now.”

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