5 Celebrities Drinking Healthy Green Smoothies

Downing a health-boosting green smoothie with your workout or just as a healthy treat during the day has become a huge diet fad, with many stars adding in a green smoothie to their daily diet. With super green foods blitzed together to make the drink such as spinach, celery, kale, herbs, apple, lettuce and some delicious fruits to add a sweet flavor, one of these smoothies adds multiple veg and fruit to your diet in one quick gulp. These 5 health-conscious stars have all been seen with a green juice in their hands. Some are possibly trying to get a glowing complexion while their chosen green smoothie might even help them with weight loss or just give their health a good general boost. Some even add the drink to a detox to help them feel refreshed and revitalized.


Alessandra Ambrosio


Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene Stops For A Smoothie

Hilary Duff

Jennifer Garner
jennifer garner

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie Is Not About To Get A Cold