5 Celebrities Caught on Film Attacking the Paparazzi

This weekend, Kanye West made an utter fool out of himself: not only did he randomly walk in to a pole while out with baby mamma Kim Kardashian, but for some reason he figured it was the paparazzi’s fault and decided to attach one of the photographers who caught the incident on film. Obviously the resulting video is hilarious and begs the question why he isn’t actually had charges pressed for assault! Kanye isn’t the only one to pack a knuckle sandwich on a random paparazzo either, these 5 stars have all been caught exploding when they’ve had their photo taken. Perhaps the photographer went too far or invaded their privacy but their violent reactions are just priceless – especially Justin Bieber’s angry lash out!

Kanye West

Justin Bieber

Chris Martin

Alec Baldwin

Bruce Willis